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About Green Deal

 Becoming Green UK ltd is proud to announce the launch of the Government Green deal initiative in end of January 2013.
The Green Deal is the largest home improvement programme since World War II.

As part of the 2011 Energy Act, the initiative aims to make millions of homes and businesses across Britain more energy efficient from January 2013.

There are 45 types of improvements currently available under the Green Deal scheme.  Up to £10,000 is available for home improvements and the money will be repaid back over the lifetime of the product. It is important to note the Golden Rule which means the money paid back will never be more than the saving made e.g. if cavity wall insulation saves you £135 a year, you will never pay back more than £135 a year.

The money is not paid back directly to the lender, but added to the property’s energy bills. The person in charge of the energy bills is therefore responsible for repayments (even if the property changes hands).

In other words: the bill-payer will save money and have a more energy efficient house. Therefor, the home improvements are paid via the savings you make on your energy bill.

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