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  Green Deal
About Green Deal
The Green Deal is the largest home improvement programme since World War II. As part of the 2011 Energy Act, the initiative aims to make millions of homes and businesses across Britain more energy efficient from January 2013.
  Why Green Deal
  Why Green Deal ?
Why Green Deal ?
The UK’s 26 million strong housing stock is among the world’s oldest and most inefficient. Half of it is not insulated properly, with 3 million homes posing significant health risks to their occupants.
  Golden Rule
The Golden Rule
The Green Deal Scheme is not means tested and is therefore available to anyone who meets the criteria of the ‘Golden Rule’ as stated; 'The expected financial savings must be equal to or greater than the costs attached to the energy bill'- Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).
  Green Deal Process
Green Deal Assessment
To benefit from all the advantages of the Green Deal, you will first need to have an assessment on your property. This will encompass a material assessment of the fabrics in your home, as well as an occupancy assessment which will look at the ways in which you and your family use and consume energy and factors which affect this, for instance the climate in your local area.
Solar energy is a free source of energy that's completely clean and is abundant. With solar panel technology we can make good use of this energy source. We can use the energy of sun to make a clean, healthy world for ourselves.

Hate rising energy costs? Green Deal With It

The Green Deal goes live today, giving people the opportunity to transform their homes by paying for energy efficient home improvements with the savings on their energy bills.

“'We were really pleased to have our Green Deal Assessment done and see the recommendation of the all the different measure we can choose. This really is a fantastic initiative by the Government.”
"Thank you Becoming Green for your amazing service. Excellent job."
"I really didn't believe this was real at first but after enquiring I found this was really real. Now I've recommended my friends and neighbours to have it done"
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